1. The development history of switching power supply Switching power supply has a history of more

2023-05-15 12:12

(1) National policies strongly support the sound development of the industry

In November 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019 edition), which listed "wearable devices, intelligent robots, smart home", "high power density, high conversion efficiency, high applicability of wireless charging, mobile charging technology and equipment, fast charging and power change facilities" in the guidance catalogue of encouraged categories. In March 2021, China issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of 2035 Vision Goals, proposing to accelerate the large-scale deployment of 5G networks. Forward-looking layout 6G network technology reserve; Promote the development of digital application scenarios such as smart home. In November 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Information and Communication Industry, which proposed to build the world's largest 5G independent network. The support and encouragement of national policies have promoted the rapid development of the downstream application field of switching power supply, and the continuous improvement of the needs and requirements of switching power supply (high power, energy saving, environmental protection, strong stability and other performance) has promoted a new round of technological innovation and industrial reform of switching power supply.

(2) The demand for downstream applications of switching power supply is strong

The downstream applications of switching power supply are wide, including industrial field, consumer electronics field, communication field and home appliances. With the aging trend of Chinese population becoming more and more significant, the demographic dividend is weakening, the rise of labor cost promotes the continuous improvement of industrial automation level, and the industrial automation market scale maintains a stable growth trend. Under the current situation of regular epidemic, the lifestyle of home office, entertainment and study has driven the demand of consumer electronics market. In the future, with the development of technology and the further popularization of the Internet, the types of consumer electronics will be continuously enriched and the market development prospect is broad. In addition, with the continuous penetration of Internet technology in various fields, the deepening of big data and cloud computing, switching power supply will have important applications in medical care, artificial intelligence, new energy and other fields, and the market demand is growing steadily.

(3) Promote energy conservation and environmental protection globally and promote the transformation of switching power supply industry

With the arrival of the low-carbon era with the goal of "reaching the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality", consumers' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasingly enhanced. The outline of China's 14th Five-Year Plan calls for the establishment of a market-oriented green technology innovation system, the implementation of a green technology innovation campaign, a campaign to improve the efficiency of resources in key industries and products, and the establishment of a unified green product standard, certification and identification system. Green and efficient become the development direction of electronic products, driving switching power supply to safer, more efficient, more intelligent product structure transformation and technology upgrade.